So Many Ways to Start Your Stampede Downtown!
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1.       Wake up and check out the full entertainment lineup at
2. Tune your radio to your favourite station early each morning to find out what’s happening at Fluor Rope Square.
3. Have a ton of Stampede fun at our events because they are all free!
4. Bring a neighbour down for a pancake.
5. Wear your ‘western duds’ everywhere.
6. Pack your backpack with sunscreen, sunglasses, a jacket and umbrella for the weather changes.
7. Feed your dog in case you don’t make it home until later.
8. Hop on the LRT and head to Fluor Rope Square.
9. Tap your toes to some live country music as they get the party started.
10. Smell the bacon cooking each morning!
11. Look for the volunteers that squeegee away the puddles after a rain.
12. Be surprised when you see all the different patterns that our clowns wear.
13. Head to an Information Booth early and ask where to get tickets to take your guests on an Old Time Rig ride.
14. Enjoy a pancake that has been cooked on the back of a real chuckwagon.
15. Relax in the shade at Fluor Rope Square while watching the entertainment on the stage or on the video board.
16. Chat with a volunteer as we are all wearing name tags.
17. Play pat-a-cake with a clown.
18. Test your own horse power at the Incredi-Pull.
19. Get your photo taken beside an authentic chuckwagon.
20. Break in your new cowboy boots while walking along Stephen Avenue Mall.
21. Stop in at an Information Booth to learn more about the scheduled events.
22. Say “Howdy” to the person beside you as you wait for your pancake to cook.
23. Catch performances by various artists who will be at Fluor Rope Square.
24. Get a photo taken with a clown and a mascot.
25. Yell “YAHOO” to the office towers as you glide past on a downtown Old Time Rig Ride.
26. Have a pancake from a Fluor Smokie Station along Stephen Avenue Mall.
27. See all the Fluor Square Dance guys and gals dressed in their colorful western wear!
28. Debate the merits of bacon in your pancake or bacon out of your pancake.
29. Follow @CS_DTA on Twitter for all of the latest fun and excitement at Fluor Rope Square.
30. Watch the Old Time Rigs parade down Stephen Avenue Mall.
31. Find out how many people it takes to make a square (dance)!
32. Get a photo with a chuckwagon driver.
33. Enjoy watching the mini parade of First Nations.
34. Sign up for the Lammle’s Hat Stomp Contest and compete to win the belt buckle for the most tattered cowboy hat!
35. Follow square dance tradition, honour your partner with a bow and also bow to your corner.
36. Have your picture taken with an 8 foot tall Canada Goose.
37. Imagine how many gallons of pancake batter it takes to feed our guests each morning.
38. Roll past the Calgary Tower screaming YAHOO to the crowd in an Old Time Rig buggy!
39. Keep hydrated by filling your own container at the water buggy.
40. Pick up your Calgary Stampede Daily Events Guide at one of our many Information Booths.
41. Hear live Square Dance calling.
42. Giggle when you see all the colored hair and hats worn by our Clowns!
43. Have a Mascot Cowboy “get down on one knee”.
44. Drop your recyclables in our bins located at Fluor Rope Square.
45. Hear the jingling sounds of the First Nations dancers.
46. Try your hand in the Fluor Flapjack Flipping Contest!
47. Hear the clip clop of the Old Time Rig horses as they parade through the tunnels downtown.
48. Come see the Calgary Stampede Royalty and the First Nation Princess.
49. Get Calgary Stampede ink branded.
50. Appreciate all the handiwork that goes into the beading, hides and weaving of the First Nations clothing.
51. Look out for the official Calgary Stampede float!
52. Make a new Facebook friend while riding in a horse drawn wagon.
53. Thank a Fluor Volunteer for serving pancakes.
54. See how the First Nations blanket and saddle their horses.
55. Perfect your do-si-do at Fluor Square Dance!
56. Ride down River Front Avenue in an Old Time Rig.
57. Drop your name off at an Information Booth if you are interested in volunteering.
58. Listen to the Fluor Square Dance Caller and form a star!
59. Find out what a horse’s favorite treat is while riding the Old Time Rigs.
60. Shake hands with Jake the Fluor Cowboy Mascot.
61. Post your selfie at Fluor Rope Square on Facebook for all to see.
62. Don’t forget to enter your name in the Fluor Daily Draw.
63. Offer to take a photo for some tourists.
64. Look for the feather headdresses that the First Nations wear.
65. Learn the Virginia Reel at Fluor Square Dance.
66. Ask volunteers where they come from.
67. Cheer on the contestants of the Lammle’s World Championship Hat Stomping Contest.
68. Listen to the huge drum the First Nations use to demonstrate their traditional dances.
69. Join hands and circle to the left and to the right while square dancing.
70. Locate the First Aid truck if required.
71. Find out how many horses participate in the Old Time Rigs parade.
72. Meet a member of the RCMM (Royal Canadian Mounted Moose)!
73. Visit Fluor Square Dance to find out what an allemande left is.
74. Listen to some interesting historical facts about our city on the Old Time Rig Ride.
75. Learn a new dance at Fluor Square Dance called the Dip and Dive!
76. Participate in a friendship dance with the Seven Treaty Nations!
77. Find the mascot who carries a baby chick.
78. Post a selfie from the back of a horse drawn carriage.
79. Admirably watch as our Volunteers poop-n-scoop after the horses leave Fluor Rope Square.
80. Sing along to Red River Valley with the caller at Fluor Square Dancing.
81. Say “Hi” to the Announcer at Fluor Rope Square.
82. Notice the special bond between the Old Time Rig Outriders and their horses.
83. Grab a partner and get hooked into an Incredi-Pull harness.
84. Count how many city policemen ride motorcycles in our mini Parades.
85. Come do the actions to the C A L G A R Y song with the Fluor Square Dancers.
86. Smile at everyone you meet and have fun.
87. Witness a good old fashioned gun fight.
88. Have your picture taken with Jackie the Fluor Mascot!
89. Spot the orange safety vests on the coordinating volunteers.
90. Look for a volunteer wearing a service pin to see how long they have been volunteering.
91. Tip your cowboy hat and wave to the tourists.
92. Find out what ‘road apples’ are but don’t taste them!
93. Keep your eyes peeled for out-of-town Rodeo Royalty.
94. Be patient if you are caught in a road block while the Old Time Rigs or First Nations go by.
95. Return on the last Saturday to watch the finalists compete to win a belt buckle in the Lammle’s Hat Stomp Contest.
96. Sing ‘Happy Trails’ with the Fluor Square Dancers.
97. Welcome a tourist to Calgary!
98. Determine if the good guys win the old fashioned gun fight!
99. Look to the sky and see the Calgary Tower!
100. Shout out a big “YAHOOO” as you leave downtown and head to Stampede Park!