Come join us downtown at Fluor Rope Square in Olympic Plaza and along Stephen Avenue.

Our friendly and knowledgable Downtown Attractions volunteers at our information booths are happy to assist you and answer any questions, so that you can get into the Stampede spirit! Here you can find a handy map of fluor rope square and details on our information booths and their locations.

map of fluor rope square

information booths


  1. The Westin
    320 – 4th Avenue SW
  2. International Hotel
    209 – 4th Ave SE
  3. Delta Hotel
    209 – 4th Ave SE
  4. The Hyatt
    700 – Centre Street South
  5. Rope Square
    1st Street and 7th Avenue SE
  1. Marriott Hotel
    110 – 9th Avenue SE
  2. Palliser Hotel
    133 – 9th Avenue SW
  3. Sheraton Suites
    255 Barclay Parade SW
  4. Sandman Hotel Downtown
    888 – 7th Avenue SW
  5. Ramada Hotel
    708 – 8th Avenue SW