ALL events and activities hosted by Downtown Attractions are coordinated by volunteers and ALL are FREE! Learn more about what we do, how to get DTA at your next event, our history and FAQ’s.

Downtown Attractions has evolved into the largest Calgary Stampede Committee with over 325 year-round volunteers.

During Stampede week, we are joined by another 180 volunteers from Fluor, our major sponsor. We appreciate everyone’s tremendous participation.

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For more information about the Calgary Exhibition & Stampede:
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a little about us…

DTA (Calgary Stampede Downtown Atttractions Committee) was formed in 1947 with a group of square dancers dancing on the back of a rig and traveling downtown from hotel to hotel, and became an official Calgary Stampede Committee in 1953.

In 1975 the intersection of 8th Avenue and 2nd Street SW was cordoned off using a rope as the location where they danced. A band (led by Keith Hitchner and his brother Jimmy Lee), a few other entertainers, the First Nations Parade and marching bands were added. All activities took place inside the rope, and this became known as “Rope Square”.

Rope Square moved to Olympic Plaza in 1988, and a daily program with an organized sequence was formed.

DTA wanted to add something new and came up with the idea of demolishing a cowboy hat. In 1988 the World Championship Hat Stomping Contest was added. The first year the contest got off to a rocky start as the hats were felt and too well made, making it difficult to destroy the hat. The World Champion Hat Stomp Competition is sponsored by Lammle’s Western Wear & Tack.

In 1989 a second contest was also added ― The Great Western Flapjack Flip.

DTA is the largest Stampede Committee with 12 Sub-Sections of over 325 year-round volunteers. During Stampede Week, we are joined by another 180 volunteers from Fluor, our major sponsor.

ALL events and activities hosted by the Calgary Stampede Downtown Attractions Committee are coordinated by volunteers and are FREE!

what we do

Coordinate and host breakfast events throughout the year. Many of these take place at schools. The most prestigious is the Premiere’s Breakfast hosted the first Monday of Stampede week.

Coordinate the GMC Rangeland Derby Chuckwagons and Fluor Smokies used each morning for the free breakfasts at Fluor Rope Square.

Assist with crowds at each of the breakfast locations and keep our guests in great western spirits!

Responsible for media relations, publicity, sponsor liaison (profile), website, pictorial and historical archive and promotional/marketing materials.

Work with the City of Calgary, City of Calgary Police Department and military to coordinate the Old Time Rigs parade (permits, closure of streets, etc.), the First Nations parade and appearances of the First Nations and marching bands at Fluor Rope Square.

Book all entertainment for the live three and a half-hour stage show that runs for seven days during Stampede week at Fluor Rope Square. Responsible for stage management and coordination. Includes stage announcers. Also coordinate any exhibits or displays.

Hosts of the hospitality room open to DTA Committee volunteers and guests.

(includes Rovers and hotel booths)
Assemble and distribute information booklets and maps of DTA activities and events, as well as Calgary Tourist information, for DTA “ambassadors” and Rovers. The ambassadors host information booths in all major downtown hotels, along Stephen Avenue Walk and at Fluor Rope Square. The Rovers walk along Stephen Avenue Walk to answer questions from visitors concerning DTA and Stampede events. This section also includes the hostesses for coordination of the ticket distribution and loading of the Old Time Rigs.

Visit the hotels, walk along Stephen Avenue Walk and spend time at Fluor Rope Square to mingle with the crowds, act as ambassadors and to answers questions.

Old Time Rigs
A fleet of about 15 wagons, buggies and sulkies take visitors for a one-hour parade throughout the downtown core and also serve a free pancake breakfast on the way. The parade becomes part of the Fluor Rope Square entertainment as they travel right onto the plaza and are introduced to the crowd.

Rope Square
Coordinate the operations of Fluor Rope Square including set up (i.e. Fluor inflatable mascots and signage), tear down, entry by acts onto the plaza, crowd control and the infamous “pooper scoopers”. They also arrange any security, permits and licenses required by the City of Calgary.

Square Dance
These are not performers, but rather encourage crowd participation. Have a stage set up daily with a live band and dance callers.

19449128492_3462ca2ecc_zrequest DTA at your event

Downtown Attractions Committee members are in the Stampede spirit year-round and want to share our Stampede-style hospitality!

Our volunteers are available to do barbecues and pancake breakfasts.  We’re experienced and bring all the equipment and supplies from the renowned Calgary Stampede Catering Department.

We can also add square dancing, entertainment and other western activities to make events throughout the year a hand clappin’, toe tappin’ good time!



Q. When is the next Calgary Stampede?
A.   The dates of the next Calgary Stampede are July 6-15, 2018. Please join us for “the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth”.

Q. Do your events run every day of Stampede?
A.   No. DTA events do not run on Sundays.  The full schedule of DTA activities begins on the first Saturday of Stampede and goes daily Monday through Saturday of Stampede week.

Q. Do your events run rain or shine?
A. There are times that we have to cancel events when Mother Nature fails to cooperate and rain forces us to cancel. However, this is rare and we make every effort to present all our events every day.

Q. Where is the entertainment stage?
A. Fluor Rope Square (Olympic Plaza on the corner of 7th Avenue and MacLeod Trail SE across from City Hall) presents a live stage show each day from 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM (times may be subject to change).

Q. Where do I go for the free pancake breakfasts?
A.  You can get your free pancake breakfast hot off the griddle from the back of a chuckwagon or smokie at Fluor Rope Square from 8:15 – 10:30 AM each morning of DTA events.  (No pancake breakfast on Parade Day or on Sundays.)

Q. Are these the same chuckwagons that run in the chuckwagon races at Stampede Park?
A. Yes! These are the authentic GMC Rangeland Derby Chuckwagons that race each night of the Calgary Stampede. This is your chance to see the rigs up close and get a free breakfast!

Q. How do I get ride tickets for the Old Time Rigs?
A. No ride tickets are available for purchase. A limited number of free tickets are distributed to passengers each day at 8:30 AM on a first-come, first-served basis. Meet our volunteers at the NE corner of Fluor Rope Square, across from City Hall and LRT station. Tickets go quickly, so don’t be late! The Old Time Rig tour takes about one hour. Not wheelchair accessible.

Q. Where is the square dancing?
A. The Fluor Square Dancers are located on the Stephen Avenue Walk, between 1st St. S.W. and Centre Street, near the Winner’s store, from 10:00 AM – 12:00 Noon. Experience isn’t necessary! With the help of our volunteers, anyone can learn to dance!